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Jan 16

"Post Abortion Stress Syndrome"

What’s it used for: There are a nice handful of pro-life folks who like to argue how harmful abortion is to woman, they believe it can cause mental problems. It elevates their argument because it makes it appear that they actually care about the woman involved and not her fetus.

Why I dislike it: So the fact that a woman is more like to feel postpartum depression from actually having a child than post abortion stress syndrome means nothing? Let’s not forget how much emotional stress adoption can cause on both women (the adoptive mother and the one who put it up for adoption). And if they cared so much about a woman’s mental health while going through an abortion don’t you think they would beg their comrades to stop protesting outside abortion clinics? I mean, getting called a “slut” and a “murderer” before an abortion isn’t exactly the best thing for a person’s mental health, y’know?

How to combat it: Facts! Post Abortion Stress Syndrome doesn’t exist! There’s absolutely not proof of it’s existence. The APA doesn’t think so [PDF]. The Guttmacher Institute doesn’t think so. Psychology Today doesn’t think so. The Archives of General Psychiatry don’t think so. Oregon State University doesn’t think so. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders doesn’t recognize it on it’s list of mental disorders. The Johns Hopkins University doesn’t think so. There isn’t one reputable unbiased institution that will support it’s existence. In fact the only doctors that DO think so usually have a very obvious pro-life biased (The Eliot Institute anyone?). Here’s the big question: if post abortion stress syndrome was a real problem, why aren’t all these reputable unbiased institutions reporting on them? Why do pro-life proponents need their own special doctors and institutions to find proof of it’s existence? Could it possibly be because that- gasp!- the research is obviously bias and unreliable?!

Conclusion: This argument is a farce. They pretend to care about the women having abortions without knowing any of the facts; they’re satisfied in taking their pro-life propaganda as truth when in reality there’s little to no truth behind it. They don’t genuinely care about the women involved in abortion, only the fetus inside them.

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