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Dec 30

Choice Stories Mega Post

I love these master list and want to keep creating them. I’m going to tag them all with “quick reference” so they’re easier to pull up when you’re in a debate. So here’s a collection of stories/articles about people’s reproductive choices/those who witnessed them, and how they felt:

People happy/relieved about their abortions.

"I would like to be kept anonymous, not because I am ashamed, but because of the fact that when I have previously been open and honest about my situation I have been ostracized to the point where I genuinely feel my life was threatened…I don’t want my child to be a punishment, and no matter how hard I would’ve tried, you cannot fake being a mom without failing miserably at it."

"I am not a victim of my choice"

"I had a friend die from an illegal abortion… I happily paid for the abortion my daughter needed…"

My Journey Through Abortion [full blog]

A woman is a living, growing human being

Abortion Fund has Five Available stories on people seeking abortion in different situations.

[TRIGGER WARNING ON SOME OF THESE STORIES] Thanks, Abortion! has a lot of stories from people who are thankful for their abortions,

Abortions due to Fetal Abnormality or Health Conditions [Trigger warning on these]

"A Heart Breaking Choice"

"Between a Woman and Her Doctor: A Story About Abortion You Will Never Forget" [The truth behind “Partial Birth Abortions”]

"Confronting Life" [Man stands up to anti-choice protestors who were protesting outside the clinic where his wife was getting an abortion to prevent a stillbirth]

"Abortion Saved My Life"

"Catholic Bishop Castigates and Threatens Hospital that Saved Woman’s Life"

"…the [parent] is going to have to pay out of pocket for the procedure that consisted of removing [their] already dead baby from [their] body before [they] could die with it because for whatever… reason people consider this the same as getting a regular abortion."

"BACK THE FUCK OFF: One woman’s abortion story and why politicians need to leave women alone"

Abortion-Six Months Pregnant

Anti-Choice Abortions & Choices

"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion"


"I marched against abortion rights and was adamantly pro-life…until I got pregnant." [also speaks about racism in the adoption industry]

PostSecret Secret: "I yelled at her for weeks about how wrong her abortion was. / and she still held my hand when I had one."

I used to be a pro-life Republican.

Still Pro-choice

[Trigger warning forced abortion] "I was forced to have an abortion, and I am PRO-CHOICE!!"

"Before my wife and I made Charlie, I had a condition. Going into the deal, I needed assurance. I told her that no matter what she felt then, no matter what she thought in that terrible moment, she couldn’t hate me for choosing her over any of our unborn children."

"When abortion was a crime, I would have sought one"

TRIGGER WARNING Forced Pregnancy

"I was forced into nine months of pregnancy, and word spread fast in our tiny town that little Samantha Johnson was pregnant, and oh, the things I heard said about me."

Nebraska mom carried non-viable pregnancy due to law [link 2] [link 3] [video]

Other Stories

Inconvenient Dreams

What Kind Of Woman Has A Second Trimester Abortion?

If you guys have any add them! I will keep adding as I find them.

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