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Dec 27

Because y’all liked my abortion mega bible list, here’s one on abortion and health/saftey


On abortion an mental health:

So the fact that [people are] more like to feel postpartum depression from actually having a child than post abortion stress syndrome means nothing? [In fact studies show that abortion doesn’t increase mental health risk but having a baby does, a more recent study that says the same thing (link 2)] Let’s not forget how much emotional stress adoption can cause on both ends (the adoptive parent[s] and the one who put it up for adoption). And if the pro-life sde cared so much about a [people]’s mental health while going through an abortion don’t you think they would beg their comrades to stop protesting outside abortion clinics? I mean, getting called a “slut” and a “murderer” before an abortion isn’t exactly the best thing for a person’s mental health, y’know?

[Not to mention the fact that pro-life groups, protestors, organization, and individuals use triggering images (late term abortions and images of miscarriages and stillbirths) and phrases (“abortion is murder”) for people who got their abortions done to save their life, to avoid having a still birth, to avoid giving birth to a child that would die moments after, and people who miscarried and went through still births]

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome doesn’t exist! There’s absolutely not proof of it’s existence. The APA doesn’t think so [PDF]. The Guttmacher Institute doesn’t think so. Psychology Today doesn’t think so. The Archives of General Psychiatry don’t think so. Oregon State University doesn’t think so. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders doesn’t recognize it on it’s list of mental disorders. The Johns Hopkins University doesn’t think so. [The University of California doesn’t think so] There isn’t one reputable unbiased institution that will support it’s existence. In fact the only doctors that DO think so usually have a very obvious pro-life biased (The Eliot Institute anyone?).

From this entry on my other blog.

In addition to all of that:

The most common feeling experienced after an abortion is that of relief and confidence in the decision. Few [people] may experience feelings of grief and guilt, and these feelings usually pass within days to weeks in most cases and do not lead to mental health problems.” (Source) Also, 80% of [people] who terminate do not regret their decision. (Source)

On abortion and breast cancer:

[This statement that abortion causes breast cancer] … ignores that the breast cancer risk is increased for a short time after a full-term pregnancy- this is bringing a child to term and then birthing it- and other natural things like menopauseThere is no link between abortion and breast cancer. I mean, unless they want to argue National Cancer Institute [PDF], the American Cancer Society, and The Guttmacher Institute. The evidence that supports the breast cancer link is either biased, outdated, or inconclusive

From this post.

On abortion safety in general:

Fewer than 0.3% of abortion patients experience a complication that requires hospitalization.”

Abortions performed in the first trimester pose virtually no long-term risk of such problems as infertility

[Abortion is] actually one of the safest procedures in existence, and it’s actually safer than pregnancy, carrying to term, and delivery.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has found that abortion is safer than birthing a child.

For every abortion related death in the USA, 10 people die in childbirth  (via AGI & CDC)
On abortion safety and legality:
Abortion rates do not decrease in places where abortion is illegal

70,000 people die every year from unsafe illegal abortions

An earlier study says “In Peru alone, an estimated 50,000 [people] a year either die or suffer serious complications after an illegal abortion.”

Facts and Consequences: Legality, Incidence and Safety of Abortion Worldwide
Dangerous abortions ‘on the rise’, says WHO
Higher abortion rates where it’s illegal
Entire post original from this entry.

And in case you missed it here’s a link to the big ol’ list of the health hazards of pregnancy.

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